Why upgrade to IBM TRIRIGA version 10.6 ?


IBM TRIRIGA delivers a single integrated workplace management system that supports:

  • Increased visibility into under performing facilities, resources, and process
  • Improved control of facility occupancy and operating costs
  • Automated activities that allows increased offering efficiency and organizational effectiveness of real estate and facility management
  • Improved performance of real estate and facility management
  • Advanced project management capabilities that help you identify the bottlenecks and benefits to drive on-time and on-budget projects
  • Streamlined lease accounting practices that complies with the current standard and it helps in analyzing the financial impacts by automating accounting tasks
  • Comprehensive Business Analytics prioritizes cost-saving projects to trigger automation
  • Quick adaptation to the changing business needs without compromising security and privacy using IBM cloud services

IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform version 3.6/10.6 is the latest upgrade with many new features that includes better Document management, System performance improvement and better User-friendly Interface.

What is the latest version of IBM TRIRIGA?

IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform version 3.6/10.6 is the latest upgrade with many new features that includes   better Document management, System performance improvement and better User-friendly Interface.


Why should you upgrade to TRIRIGA version 10.6?

There are many features introduced with v10.6 that benefits your organization in various areas.

Lease Contracts 

  • Automates the calculation of the lease ‘Likely Term’ based on IASB/FASB Leases Topic 840 requirements.
  • Delivers lease-related financial data, summarized by fiscal period required for compliance reporting and analysis.
  • Reports and metrics deliver forward-looking views comparing the current standard to the implications of the new standard.

Real Estate Lease –

  • Has a processing status indicator to avoid data corruption while workflows are running an extended process.
  • Has been upgraded with Tenant improvement calculations for the current FASB standard.



Workplace Reservation Manager

  • Handles scheduling rooms for meeting in an advanced manner.
  • Notifies users who do not have a registered profile in TRIRIGA via Outlook


Lease Accounting

  • Enhanced and accelerated the process and ensures compliance with existing lease accounting guidelines (ASC 840 & IAS 17) and new accounting standards (ASC 842 & IFRS 16).



Data Load

  • Allows users to export Business Object records to MS Excel.
  • Allows users to specify the order to configure and process the Integration Objects.
  • Allows users to upload spreadsheet data to Data Load Manager.
  • Allows users to load portfolio data via Data Connect.

Document Management

  • Allows to search for the documents and folders from the DMS.
  • Facilitates easy check-in and check-out of documents.



Miscellaneous Upgrades

  • Improved the accuracy of updated_date searches for all Object Migration metadata types.
  • Exports the workflow to a formatted text file that includes all task types and properties, flow control structures and conditions.
  • Enhanced the security in Home Setup Portal.
  • Enhancements to the IBM TRIRIGA Connector for Building Information Modeling (BIM) that add support for migration of building system and asset data from a Revit model into TRIRIGA, enabling facilities managers to quickly establish a complete registry of building equipment assets in TRIRIGA directly from the BIM.

IBM TRIRIGA introduced Perceptive Applications in this version.

A Perceptive App is an advanced type of UX application that is designed, developed, and delivered TRIRIGA team. This enable you to “more easily meet business requirements with an intuitive user interface, compatibility with touch interfaces, and improved performance”. Some of those apps are:

  • Space Apps – Allows you to create an assessment for a floor plan, select a space, add or remove people from space, move to next space. It also allows you to review completed assessments, accept or reject changes.
  • Move Apps – Create an individual move request where you want to move a selected room. You can also create a group move request and submit the request.
  • Workplace Services – Enables technicians to access and update their assigned work tasks from multiple devices including mobile optimized user experience.
  • Connector Apps – Export the TRIRIGA data of your choice into Watson Analytics.


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