The Salesforce Lightning Platform

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning is a component based framework which enables you to easily create modern enterprise apps with simple “drag and drop” feature. You can seamlessly customize and deploy on mobiles running Salesforce.


Lightning Features –

  • Lightning component framework includes tools and components that accelerate development and app performance. One can develop custom components and any one can reuse these components that enables the customization of Salesforce Mobile app.
  • Lightning App Builder provides drag and drop feature for application creation and customization. This app builder authorizes the admins to build Lightning pages visually, without code using custom-built Lightning components.
  • Community Builder empowers admins to build communities visually without code and one doesn’t need to be a hard core developer to do this.
  • Sales Path is an in-built feature that paves the path for the sales representatives and directs them to the sales pipeline by recommending the steps to take. This lets your sales reps act faster on decisions.
  • Kanban View is a simplified and optimized view of the opportunities in the sales pipeline. This view comes with the real-time updates and all the calculations are updated automatically on a timely basis.
  • News and Insights is a new drag and drop component of Lightning platform that crawls the web for potential key details about prospects and customers. It also keeps the sales reps updated and posted about the hot industry news.
  • Auto-Fill and Duplicate Prevention is a predominant feature in this platform that crawls the Salesforce database for data and auto-fills the details. Further, it also prevents the duplicates by pointing it out.
  • Salesforce has enabled Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning for predictive analysis. This feature helps with presenting the recommendations, customer insights and outcomes to sales reps. This quality analytics puts you ahead of the curve and is deeply customer-oriented feature.


Why Salesforce Lightning?


Next Gen Application

Lightning represents the future sensation of Salesforce. Lightning is the most innovative CRM application that comes with three automatic upgrades per year.


Outstanding features

Lightning comes with set of over 150 new features that are not available in Classic UI. All these features put together drives your business forward.


Mobile ready Application

The all new Salesforce mobile app is in-built with all the lightning components. It offers more flexibility and lets you take the action on-the-go. The productivity is increased by 35% with this mobile application that lets you shift between the desktop and mobile. Any customization that is made is immediately accessible in mobile.


Lightning Voice

This impeccable feature lets you handle voice calls within the app and it helps you to connect directly with the customers based on the prospects and leads. Also you can log your calls in the app. You can use this functionality in your desktop as well as in your mobile devices.



With Lightning platform, now Salesforce is able to support more than 150 third party apps. All these apps are already integrated with the platform and has a “Lightning Ready” symbol. This enhances the user experience.


Outlook friendly

Salesforce and Microsoft forged into a partnership that brings the World’s #1 CRM and World’s #1 Office Suite together. Now one can access Lightning directly from the Outlook without seamless shifting between the apps. Both the Salesforce account and Office 365 account gets synced with all of the contacts, calendar events and refreshes every minute.


Classic VS Lightning

With Lightning experience, Salesforce has reformed its UI and incorporated new cloud based features. The main intent of creating this Lightning platform is to make the sales reps to work effectively and productively. Let’s see where Lightning has an edge over the Classic.


In Lightning Experience, Home show calendar events of the day. Users can access all their events from the Calendar tab in the navigation bar.


Lightning experience provides the sales reps with all the recommendations and sales path to increase the efficiency of the prospects.


In Lightning platform, the enhanced Salesforce Einstein empowers the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to perform qualitative analytics.


Forecasting is an important aspect of every CRM which lets the sales reps act on the items down the pipeline beforehand effectively.


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