Workplace Service Delivery

Workplace Service Delivery:

The Workplace Service Delivery suite allows organizations to boost efficiency with interactive booking and reservations, improve work environment with space management tools and real-time insights along with providing a safe and productive workplace environment.
The ServiceNow Workplace Service Delivery helps organizations deliver seamless digital experiences that includes:
Workplace Service Delivery

The workplace service delivery suite features include:

Safe Workplace Suite Helps access applications to assess employee and workplace readiness and align safety plans for opening
Workplace Reservation Management Provides self-service, single-click reservations and add services or requests like catering or room configurations
Workplace Indoor Mapping Allows to create and manage maps, view services, available spaces and navigate the workplace
Workplace Visitor Management Allows easy registration of guests and off-site employees, manage daily visitor registrations, and automate communications for arrivals
Workplace Case Management Enables standardize the process, interaction and fulfilment of inquiries, requests and case transfers across the enterprise
Workplace Space Management Helps measure workspaces, assign cost centres, control capacity, and track utilization to optimize real estate spend
Workplace Move Management Allows easy management of workspace move requests by automating individual, mass employee and asset space relocation
Mobile Wayfinding Equips on-site employees with interactive mobile wayfinding, proximity checking, and booking capabilities.
Indoor Map Studio Allows creating, editing, and managing indoor map experiences across workplace locations.