IBM TRIRIGA version 10.7.0 / 3.7.0

IBM TRIRIGA version 10.7.0 / 3.7.0

IBM TRIRIGA continues to deliver a single integrated workplace management system with new enhancements in the next release. In June 2020, IBM released the TRIRIGA Application Platform version 3.7.0 and IBM TRIRIGA Application version 10.7.0. This new release provides significant improvements in the following modules: Real Estate, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Space Management, Performance, UX app, Reports, etc.

What is compelling in IBM TRIRIGA v 10.7.0 / 3.7.0?

TRIRIGA, like all other software, evolves. Defects are continuously fixed and new functionalities are added. Since the software can sometimes have defects, one never knows when a defect might impact their business. That is why an upgrade is vital. New functionalities are also added into the software and that is worth taking advantage of. IBM TRIRIGA Application version 10.7.0 pretty much provides continues improvement from version 10.6.0, with  several new features, enhancements, and minor fixes:

  • With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, upgrading to 10.7.0 will enable companies to take advantage of the superior Space Management functionality to achieve significant cost savings. To be more specific, when we look at the relationships between the asset and the people from a Portfolio perspective, anybody using anything before version 10.5.0 will see significantly enhanced user experience and a more refined solution. For example, a new feature added is the Stacking Perceptive app enhancements that improve the process of optimizing workspace allocations.
  • The BIM capability which is used to design and document building and infrastructure designs, will not only allow design and construction teams to work efficiently, but will also allow them to capture the data they create during the process to benefit operations and maintenance activities.
  • There have been UX improvements in all TRIRIGA applications. For instance, prior to the release, contact roles were bound to foundation application. In 10.7/3.7, the UX Stacking app feature allows users to add contact roles while creating a stacking plan and perform addition/modifications in edit mode. Required roles are prepopulated in the New Stack Plan Screen with Name field left blank. Contact Roles are created during the stack plan creation.
  • Several companies have been experiencing challenges around Lease Accounting. Overall, when compared with earlier versions like 10.5 and lower, it is fair to say that Lease Accounting has significantly been improved within the system. E.g. With the Asset Class enhancement, users can generate Journal Entries based on the asset class. Lease Accounting improvements support the reversal of impairment losses recognized previously on leases per IFRS accounting standards guidance.
  • There has also been significant improvement in TRIRIGA performance due to the upgrade of the platform version to 3.7.0. Many customers who have upgraded to the latest version are experiencing significant speed in their TRIRIGA instances.
  • The enhanced report renderer was introduced in TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.6.1 for a limited number of report types. With TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.7.0, the enhanced report renderer supports additional report types, as well as introducing several new grid features. This technical enablement session will cover enhancements made to the enhanced report renderer in TRIRIGA Application Platform 3.7.0

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