IBM TRIRIGA – The Future of Facility Management

IBM Real Estate Organization (RESO) brought TRIRIGA into practice as an innovative and intelligent solution, which employs data, analytics, and artificial intelligence, for efficient Real Estate and Facilities Management.

Globally, real estate and facilities managers are plagued by the following challenges –

  • As many as 80% of projects go over budget. Operations cost consumes the lion’s share of that budget.
  • Traditional legacy systems are incompetent and siloed, thus, making management and optimizing across real estate portfolio becomes a hurdle.
  • Adopting IoT creates a massive data repository. But, businesses need the aid of advanced technology to utilize that data for generating meaningful insights.
  • Delivering an occupant experience that boosts productivity while favoring their welfare.

facility management IBM TRIRIGATRIRIGA’s facility management solutions are regulating Real Estate and Facilities Management with –

  • Optimum space and facility utilization: make use of Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) to analyze and track real estate footprint and identify densification opportunities to make optimum use of the available space. Leverage IoT for parking lot monitoring, indoor positioning system, and a lot more.
  • Occupant experience: deliver an occupant experience that leads to improved productivity and health. Analyze and improve air quality, lighting, noise control, and more with smart automation services.
  • Capital project management: Analyze capital opportunities to design and develop new facilities or renovate to enhance existing facilities. Thus, improving asset and facility performance as well as workplace-performance
  • Streamline lease administration and accounting: automate accounting operations, enable compliance, maintain accuracy in data, and reduce cost.
  • Maintenance: utilize IoT data to designate maintenance tasks based on the usage of space. Dispatch maintenance teams to high-traffic or high-priority locations swiftly. With TRIRIGA at your disposal, you won’t hear another “dirty” complaint!
  • Energy efficiency: control electricity usage based on occupancy sensing. And, reduce energy cost with preventive maintenance and certificate-based energy tracking & reporting.

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With its impeccable expertise, Quantum Strides has been serving a multitude of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies in their journey to implement, upgrade, and integrate IBM TRIRIGA. We are here to give your business the boost of technology it needs to make the most of its real estate footprint.

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