The IBM TRIRIGA v10.6 comes up with an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that incorporates functional models across real estate, capital projects, facilities, workplace operations, portfolio data, and environmental and energy management within a single technology platform v3.6.


What are Perceptive Apps?

IBM TRIRIGA introduced Perceptive Applications in this latest version. A Perceptive App refers to an advanced type of UX application that is designed, developed, and delivered by TRIRIGA team. This enable you to more easily meet business requirements with an intuitive web-based user interface, compatibility with touch interfaces, and enhanced performance. Now, instead of tying forms to “things” like people and locations, views are tied to “actions” like creating or submitting requests.

A Perceptive App is a browser-based web page that uses one’s mobile device’s native platform. To use these apps, users download an app container from the respective stores of the Operating System. When the container is launched, it displays an HTML5- and JavaScript-enabled web-based interface, which lets users access many mobile-based features that work with the IWMS. Perceptive apps offer far more features than the form-based web apps. However, one key advantage is that they’re usually not limited to a single platform, which opens up options as to which mobile devices users may use.


Why Perceptive Apps?

Unlike the Native Apps which are limited to developers, Perceptive Apps are available to every user and admin. TRIRIGA developers developed an intuitive UX framework that enables smart navigation. This technical benefit helps to determine the future of smarter buildings.



Different Perceptive Apps

1. Space Assessment/Management App-

Space Application enable the user to track space utilization data in buildings by auditing and allocating your spaces. This app allows you to create an assessment for a floor plan, select a space, add or remove people from space, move to next space. Space Management app on the other hand allows you to review completed assessments, accept or reject changes.

Space Assessment and Management apps are inter-related. Space Assessment is incomplete unless the user completes the review and approve the assessment process.


2. Move App-

Create a separate move request to move buildings or assets or people. You can also search when or where you want to move and select the available room and raise the request. You can also select a number of items to perform a group move and submit the request to move multiple assets or people in a single request.

3. Workplace Services Apps-

  • Workplace Services Portal – Users can access the portal to create or raise a service request or reservation.
  • Workplace Services Portal – For creating a service request, users can select a category for each service request and also can add comments or details for that request and then submit.
  • Reservation App – Users can make a reservation, add rooms or assets to that reservation. Also this app allows the users to add room service orders if needed.
  • Locate App – Users can look for rooms for meeting or workspaces or other rooms like printing room, restroom. Users can also look for people like employees.


4. Work Task Management Apps-

  • Work Task Services Portal – Users can access the assigned work tasks and also create their own work task. The tasks can be accessed from multiple devices.
  • Work Task App – Users can perform the assigned work task and add their comments or any details to the respective tasks and complete the task.

  • BIM View –

Now you can gain a more interactive 3D experience when you look for rooms or assets within your building. With Building Information Modeling, the system clearly demonstrates the necessary data like space occupancy, number of tenants, financial performance and more.


5. Connector Apps –

  Now you can use the IBM Watson Analytics service to discover the meaning in your data. Predictive analytics can be performed with visualizations and intuitive dashboards can be created to gather insights from the data that you feed from TRIRIGA.

Perceptive apps are targeted to specific task-driven functionalities. Moreover, these application views are tied to “actions”, so employees render the interface based on the functional needs. TRIRIGA developers are still in the pursuit of transforming the perceptive apps into a fully-optimized mobile extension of IWMS. With the new streamlined application design, performance and UI/UX, the perceptive apps are a win-win for both the developers as well as the clients.


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