IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform

IBM Resilient empowers businesses to automate their Incident Response processes. Quantum Strides and IBM can help organizations integrate and orchestrate all their security efforts. IBM Resilient is a single response SIEM platform that centralizes an organization’s incident response. It empowers businesses to thrive in the face of a cyberattack or crisis by providing speedy and easy integrations with existing cybersecurity and IT infrastructure.
IBM Resilient IRP is purpose-built for incident response. By successfully aligning the organization’s people, processes, and technology, a single hub is created by Resilient IRP for the management and coordination of incident response orchestration. Privacy professionals aren’t left out. Resilient IRP also provides constantly updated response plans with an up-to-date knowledgebase of data breach notification regulatory requirements.
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Highlights of IBM Resilient

Dynamic Playbooks

IBM Resilient allows organizations to respond better to threats using agile and intelligent playbooks. Agile workflows and written response plans will allow responding more intelligently to threats. It also ensures that businesses are ready to deal with threats as they occur.


From IT ticketing to IDP/IDS systems, IBM Resilient integrates seamlessly with other security solutions to ensure that analysts or responders can gather all the information required to make quick and effective decisions.

Orchestration and Automation

Implementing IBM Resilient IRP will empower security analysts to automate scripted actions or tasks like opening tickets, gathering intelligence, or even quarantining infected machines. It also supports orchestrated processes and responses that allow security teams to act faster and intelligently.


IBM Resilient’s collaboration tools typically allow all critical stakeholders in an organization to work together in defining their roles and acting quickly in the event of a crisis.

Incident Tracking

IBM Resilient IRP promotes improved visibility by allowing swift and easy incident creation and tracking.

Reporting and visualization

Attractive dashboards and analytics allows security teams to easily report incidents to management executives or board members. Similarly, incident visualization also allows security analysts to view attacks as they happen and understand the relationship between artifacts and incidents.

Fully featured SaaS option available

By offering a fully-featured SaaS option, the IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform can help businesses reduce their capital expenses and speed up deployment.