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Our cybersecurity solution is aimed at helping organizations secure data and critical systems. We make it possible for businesses to leverage the most reliable tools and technologies in the industry for protecting their enterprise.

As an IBM business partner, we seamlessly deliver a series of security tools and solutions to enterprises in North America and across the globe. Our services and solutions are aimed at helping businesses deal with alert fatigue or and reduce the complexities associated with using too many disparate tools. We offer a wide range of security solutions that range from threat detection to incident response.

Our core security offerings consist of the following IBM products:

IBM Cloud Pak for Security
IBM QRadar
IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform
IBM Guardium

IBM Cloud Pak for Security

An open security platform that helps organizations leverage existing data sources to generate deeper insights and enable faster actions via automation. Regardless of whether data is stored on-premise, in the cloud, or in a third-party tool, Cloud Pak empowers businesses to detect and respond to threats without moving the data. This ultimately helps enterprises make more informed risk-based decisions, uncover hidden threats and respond to threats faster.

Key Benefits:

  • Detect hidden threats faster.
  • Eliminate data migration.
  • Automate manual processes.
  • Run on any environment.
  • Reduce data security costs.

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar identifies the events that matter the most. QRadar is a SIEM platform that empowers security teams to accurately detect and prioritize threats across an organization. This SIEM solution also provides deep insights to help security teams respond faster and more intelligently and ultimately reduce the impact of incidents.

Key Benefits include:

  • Enhanced productivity via seamless integrations.
  • Improved visibility.
  • Seamless compliance management.
  • Real-time threat detection.

IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform

The IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform is a tool that infuses efficiency in the SOC. IBM Resilient helps organizations accelerate their cyber resilience by protecting against security incidents and enabling automation. It maximizes existing security tools by integrating seamlessly with them, provides playbooks to guide security teams, and automates repetitive tasks to boost productivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Streamlined notifications.
  • Faster response times.
  • Skills gap alleviation.

IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium Data Protection for Databases empowers enterprises to automate their sensitive data discovery and classification. Guardium is designed to help businesses monitor access to their data and take decisive action to respond to threats.

Key Benefits:

  • Quickly adapt to changing environments and regulations.
  • Analyze all data and gain visibility.
  • Address security challenges with structured data.
  • Comprehensive critical data protection.